About us

In a world of "fake news" it sometimes seems as if science, the epitome of accuracy and critical thinking, is pushed aside.

A scientist’s job is to study a subject as best they can, learn about it – and let the world know about the discovery. Scientists are valued first and foremost based on their critical thinking, and the accuracy and fidelity of their reporting, and much less on their ability to make their newly acquired knowledge accessible and coherent to the general public.

Little Big, Science (Hebrew: “Mada Gadol, Baktna”) is a voluntary Registered Amuta, which was founded in order to bridge the apparent gap between the scientific community and the general public in a direct and straightforward way. Our goal is to expose our readers to the exciting discoveries, the thrilling stories and the small details of which the scientific world is made. We aim to do all this while taking care to report with integrity, objectivity and accuracy.

The directors of the Amuta and the writers are all professional or amateur scientists with advanced degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine etc – we are not experts in Media, and we are all volunteers. We have vast experience reading scientific publications and converting them into texts accessible to the general public – in Hebrew. We reach out to the public using our Facebook page, website, other social media platforms, and by organizing and participating in scientific talks and science outreach conferences across Israel.

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